Tuesday, May 09, 2006

may drizzle
a pregnant cat
among the headstones



Blogger Mandy said...

This is very good.
I like the juxtaposition of

2:58 PM  
Blogger Pat Paulk said...

Polona I love this. I agree with the juxtaposition, great comparison!!

4:04 AM  
Blogger Alan Summers said...

Yep, I agree with the other comments, and I enjoy a good cat haiku and I mean a GOOD one, and this is one of 'em...meow! (-;

9:54 AM  
Blogger polona said...

mandy, pat and alan, thank you for your kind comments :)

1:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nicely done, Polona.

5:51 AM  
Blogger polona said...

aurora, thank you.

1:34 PM  
Blogger Alan Summers said...

Just been visiting a cemetary, almost a necropolis, and I am sure I saw a cat, maybe. (-;

Keep up the cat haiku, they're very important! (-;

7:18 AM  
Blogger polona said...

well alan, i'll try :)
(working on one but words don't fit yet)

3:21 PM  
Blogger Alan Summers said...

No worries!

An old one of mine:

the rain
almost a friend
this funeral

5:30 AM  
Blogger polona said...

thanks, alan. this one speaks volumes...

just remembered my kitty haiku won an HM at 2005 ludbreg haiku calendar contest:

on a falling leaf
the kitten

9:56 AM  

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