Tuesday, May 02, 2006

squierrl chatter—
my old dog rolls
to her left side

- dustin neal


Blogger texas haijin said...

i love writing haiku about summer. actually, i love the haiku that comes to me during summer. last summer is when i really became serious about haiku. this is somewhat of an anniversary for me.

some may think this is a simple image, but i think something deeper rests in this haiku. i know and see it. however, you may or may not. consider the "blind dog" haiku the other day. our dog knows death is coming soon, which is in this haiku. she is a fox terror squirrel dog. she hasn't chased a squirrel in years.

also, a post about my haiku may seem arrogant. however, after keeping in touch with ed markowski, an awesome haiku poet, i have began looking deep within my own haiku to see exactly what rests in those three lines, what rests past the simple image.

i hope you do the same.

i've been enjoying the haiku that's been posted by you guys and gals. i hope to respond to peoples' haiku on a daily basis. maybe i'll be a good moderator for this blog.

okay, i've ranted long enough.

12:50 PM  

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