Sunday, August 06, 2006

Summer Energy

I'm posting this on behalf of Andrei Dorian Gheorghe of the Romanian Society of Astronomy and Meteors who has written as follows:

Dear Gerald:
On July 28-30 I was in a mountain place (Crasna-Covasna) at SARM’s "Perseids" camp, where I coordinated an astropoetry show (with torches
signifying fireballs and with "princesses of astropoetry"). Among "live" readings, I read some astropoems by authors who were not there, including your May Dejagascar haiku.

Today I worked a summer piece with my fellow Gabriel Ivanescu. If you consider our summer piece is acceptable for the haiku project, and if you don't mind, please post it as you did a few months ago with our spring piece.

Thank you for your benevolence.
Best wishes,


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